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Learning to breathe again

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27 Days until our new home Apr. 4th, 2010 @ 11:00 am

27 Days until the wedding! Oh my gosh; it's so exciting. Seriously I can not believe that in 27 days Paul and I will be married!

Yesterday Paul and I found our new home! It is a basement suite at 39th and Cambie. For those of you not from Vancouver that means it is in a medium nice area next to Queen Elizabeth Park (a beautiful park in the middle of the city). It is a 5 minutue walk to the Skytrain (which is like our subway but partially above ground), the 41 Bus (which goes straight to UBC - Paul's school) and Oakridge mall (which has shopping, food and grocery stores).

Google maps tells me I am close to family and friends:
Driving Distances:
to Jenna & Colin's (my sister & her hubby): 5 minutes
to church: 5 minutes
to my parents: 7 minutes
to my aunt and uncles (many of our friends live on the same street): 7 minutes away

Transit Distances:
Half and hour to all the above places!! plus 40 minutes to UBC

The place is a basement suite, 1000 sq feet, 2 bedroom, giant living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom. There is shared laundry and TONS of storage.

To top it off we get all of that, including all utilities, for $850 a month! This is truly a real estate miracle. Our God gives good gifts!

The only negative is we don't get possession until May 1st (the day of our wedding) so we will have to move in on the 2nd. Any help would be appreciated, eep!

The following photos were taken quickly on my camera phone. They are blury and full of the current renters eclectic belongings. Please see past the decorating to the house itself. Though I love the red walls in the master bedroom! It's totally made me rethink our bedding!
Master Bedroom

Paul's Den & Guest Room

Small living space or Dining space

Living Room

Bathroom - Lots of storage space!!!

Kitchen - brighter in real life

Dining Nook or shelf space

We are very happy.
We are about to be married.
We are very loved by our God.

On a side note; I think I will stop using LiveJournal. I don't really see the point anymore. Anyone I do follow also posts elsewhere aside from Lance who doesn't post at all :)

If there is any one out there that wants to you can follow me at blogger: mitchelltomorgan.blogspot.com/

Jan. 30th, 2010 @ 09:36 am
Am feeling in the blogging mood. Tonight has been spent introducing Sarah & Crystal to Glee, going over wedding stuff with Crystal (an amazing bridesmaid), and sorting through all my groceries (chopping veggies for soup & snacks, packaging food and sorting un-perishable food for stacking). I am happy.

Have you watched Glee? Sue Sylvester is one of the most terrifying characters in TV history. She is not only infuriating but also incredible entertaining.
I have also discovered that I love Disaronno. Mmmm.

After a lovely Christmas break filled with family and friends Paul & I found ourselves back in the swing of things; not only with work and school but also wedding planning!

We are officially getting married May 1st, 2010. 3 and a half months away! In the past weeks I have finished making our wedding invites (I have designed them on the computer and had so much fun doing it) and we have registered for gifts (though we have since decided to switch registry locations; and will have our new registry at Home Outfitters up this weekend - The Bay was ridiculously over priced) and found the bed we will have. Neither of us had really ever gone bed shopping before; it was fun. Definitely felt like a real adult; registering for gifts, choosing a mattress, etc. Super fun. We had a great day!

This week I am house & teen sitting for the couple that does our pre-marital counselling. Paul has been over there lots; we really enjoy hanging out with their kids and playing board games. We can't wait to do that with our own kids. Last night we stayed up figuring out finances for the next year. It is all seeming so real now!

If you have a moment we would love your prayers. In August I sold me car through Craigslist. The guy who bought it did not take it to a mechanics first and is now suing me; since he had since taken it to a mechanic and no longer wants it. It is a huge stress in life right now. We are going to court in March; but have had to fill out lots of paper work. Paul & I both choose to have a lot of integrity in how we do things in life; so we are finding it very frustrating that though we dealt with him in good faith, being completely honest during all parts of the sale, he is trying to blame us for something. Please pray for our stress levels; that we would find peace in this time and not be discouraged. Pray we wouldn't be distracted from our school or work. We believe the outcome should be favorable toward us, as we actually legally are not liable for any of his claims again us; please pray though that this would remain true in front of the court.

Phew. Other than that we have an exciting few months ahead of us; wedding showers, stags & stagettes, dress/suit fittings, etc. Super fun!

This week I will make 3 types of non-dairy creamy soups: Asparagus, Tomato & Celery. I am so enjoyable learning to make things that are healthy, inexpensive and enjoyable. I have discovered recently that I have high cholesterol; the doctor says it isn't super bad yet, but that I need to watch it. I suppose this is supposed to be a bad thing but when it comes to being healthy I really need external motivation so i am actually glad. He says he will see me in 3 months and expects to see change. So right off the bat I went for a run. 1 block running, 1 block walking, etc. I am sore but happy. I have just gone grocery shopping & bought mostly veggies & fish. All the veggies are now chopped, packaged & ready to be made into soups, stirfries, salads & snacks. I love feeling organized.

Wedding stuff has been going really well. I have pretty much finished the invites; just need to send them out to be printed. I need to find inexpensive, card sized envelopes. any thoughts?
In the beginning I had figured out what the table decorations would look like but since have come up with a whole new idea. So fun! I just need to figure out the best place to get 28 large round vases, and 83 small round vases. Hm. My wonderful bridesmaid Crystal is making labels for all the envelopes. i feel very loved!

Back to health, I am very excited to get healthy. i would like to not die early. Also, I didn't even find my wedding motivation enough to get healthy...and I feel like I owe it to my future husband to at least try and be healthy for our long term relationship...not being super healthy runs in my family and i would like to kick this now, not in 30 years.

This weekend is CRAZY busy. Wedding showers for friends, hangouts with friends, friends over for the weekend, meetings, coffee/lunch dates, and maybe even sleep??

Every night as I go to bed alone in my single, ikea bed, that is falling apart from moving (it slowly slides apart in the night and has to be pushed back together each time I get up) I realize that Paul & I own a king sized bed and have registered for beautiful (& manly for Paul) bedding. Oh I wish for May and a beautiful, big bed to sleep in, and nights not having to say good night to Paul. That sounds like it could be too much information; but I just thoroughly enjoy talking with him and hate having to say good night at the end of the night and go our seperate ways. I can't wait to have a place alone to chat before sleep.

Ugh, I need to go fold laundry and sort out my dresser. It's all over the place! I need a good system. Any thoughts?

Finally...2 months later...an update. Nov. 5th, 2009 @ 11:33 am
It is a rainy Thursday morning. Wind, leaves & rain whip past my windows. Rainy days always make me feel very contemplative….and actually quite content and thankful. I thought it would be fun to write about where Paul & I are at in life right now….what our lives look like on a daily & general basis.
God has placed me (& Paul) in amazing families (biological and spiritual). We each come from strong & loving families who offer us support, kindness and so much love. We share a church family; who whenever we need something will drop anything to help. A church family we both have the joy of serving in and with. We both live with friends who are huge gifts from God. My roommate Sarah has opened her beautiful home to me; she has created a space that is welcoming, clean & homey….and nicely decorated. She is funny, helpful and Godly. Paul lives with 2 of his groomsmen (Prakash & Daniel) and a friend. He gets to experience a time of complete bachelor living; complete with poker nights, empty pizza boxes and a bed that is really a futon in the living room…and a cot bed upstairs. He has 2 beds! Neither of which are really beds. He loves it.
Paul & I split our time between work (Campus Ministry for me), school (History Degree at UBC for him), church and seeing friends (both separately and together). We have friends over for dinner and games at my place or go out to friends houses. I have women over for meals and coffee and Paul has men over at his place for men’s nights (read poker nights). We play A LOT of board games. Our current favorite is Settlers which we play religiously. One evening we played 7 times in a row! We adapt rules to make the game more exciting for us. We teach everyone we can get our hands on to play. We also love “Ticket to Ride” and any card game. We have started playing “Puerto Rico” with our friends Nick and Laura (Nick is one of Paul’s groomsmen) and that is also a lot of fun. We spend a lot of time laughing…at each other, at silly TV shows, at the funny things we both say. We meet with our pre-marital counselors Doug and Kari frequently…we have so much to talk about with them..plus we love playing Settlers with them and their kids…We have met with them at least 8 times so far and have only accomplished 1 out of the 8 actual sessions. We each have at least one set of parents that live in Vancouver. My live really close to Paul & I…actually almost right in between our houses. My sister and her husband are here as well. Between my family and Paul’s cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, we see a lot of family!
We got our engagement photos taken a few weeks ago out at UBC. The fall leaves & already beautiful campus made a wonderful backdrop. We had a lot of fun playing outdoors. It may have been more play than picture taking…but we got many great pictures, which I will post when our photographer is done editing them. We have to first pick 50 from the 300 for him to edit. Phew! Well it’s actually pretty easy…any photo where either of us has a double chin is right out!
Paul & I love getting together with couples; married, dating, engaged…Christian or not; we love getting to be a part of the lives of others as they work out what it looks like to love another person. Hard work. We also though really value our friends that aren’t in relationships. I love that dating and now engagement hasn’t cost us our individual friendships….It seems, if anything, that we are closer with those friends. At least I know in my life, I so value those friendships that I have worked hard to keep close relationships with women, apart from Paul.
We are taking a bit of a break from the wedding planning at the moment; all major decisions are made and we get to rest in this space, enjoying each other and the world God has created around us. Awesome.

BTW...I do tend to update my wedding blog more often than I update here....http://www.momentville.com/PaulandTara/

Paul and I at Tony & Lisa's wedding: He can only remain serious for one photo.
Paul & I a Lisa and Tony's wedding
Paul being silly
Paul & I right after we got engaged:
Just after getting engaged!
Paul & I in Agassiz for a Campus Retreat:
Paul & I in Agassiz

Engaged Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 01:48 pm
Well, it's been quite a while since I updated...which is ridiculous because I actually have had a very exciting summer!
Campus ministry is going well, I have moved in with Sarah Gotell near Broadway and Oak....AND Paul and I are getting married!!!
I have been blogging about this at our wedding blog: http://www.momentville.com/PaulandTara
Feel free to peruse the site...from our stories, to the proposal, wedding party details AND wedding blog.
But for now...here are the wedding blog entries to keep you all up to date. So exciting!!!!!

For the week of August 15th to 22nd I (Tara) was working as a Camp Counsellor at Day Break Point Bible Camp at Anvil Island (off the coast of Horseshoe Bay). I didn't expect to see Paul all week since I was on an island working with kids, and I knew he was working all week, and visitors aren't normally allowed up to camp. I also didn't expect to be getting engaged before the fall, because Paul had talked about waiting until the fall to get engaged. What I didn't know was that week while I was away at camp, God spoke to Paul. He felt that he was to come to Anvil and ask me to marry him. Unbeknownst to me he spoke to the camp directors, and arranged to come to camp Friday, August 21st. He let me know that he was coming to check out the camp, but I didn't realize he had more than that planned.
The day was great, we ate breakfast and lunch with campers in the dining hall, sat together in cabin time, went out seperate ways for cabin time, and played dodgeball for team pink. During free time we took a walk to Irbie Point which is a beautiful spot where rocks and woods meet water. I love it.
Paul told me that he has a suprise for me since he so often forgets flowers (it's true, each anniversary he means to get me flowers and always forgets). He told me to look out at the ocean, handed me his cell phone and told me there was a clue on it. I looked at the phone and it had a picture of a ring. I turned to face him and he was down on one knee.
He said "Tara I love you. I want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?" I obviously said yes. We hugged. It was awesome. We sat and looked out at the water, talking, sharing, calling family, sharing a first kiss, and praying together.
We decided to head back to camp, where we were swarmed upon by people who knew what was about to take place. I got to share the cool news with many campers and co workers and they were all so excited!!! When I told a group of girls from my cabin they shrieked extremely loudly and dog piled on me, eventually throwing me in the water. It was super fun. It also got announced over the camp radio, at dinner and at chapel in the slideshow. Awesome.
We have had such a fun few days sharing the new with friends and family and beginning to plan a future together.

First Days of Prep - Wednesday Aug 26
Paul and I have been engaged for 5 days and already the plans are off and running. Sunday we spent time looking through Bridal Magazines and I showed him the pictures that caught my fancy. We picked our colours (Blue, yellow & orange). We are going to make our own bouquets.
Like this:

Or this:

Tied at the base with a blue ribbon.
I think I will wear an orange sash with my wedding dress, I believe the Bridesmaids will be in Blue with an yellow sash, and the groosmens will wear suits with a orange boutineer.
We are trying to figure out where to get married because there may be a glitch with getting married at the kids camp I grew up going to in the states. It seems that some family members don't have passports and others aren't able to leave the country due to health reasons. We would love to find a picturesque camp around Vancouver somewhere...otherwise I'm not quite sure where to get married!
Alright while I type this Paul has fallen asleep on my shoulder; I should wake him up and send him home. Night!
Tuesday Sept 1.
Wow...I didn't realize people had been leaving comments on the guestbook here...I just found it and am so pleased! Paul and I are pretty lucky to have a lot of people that care about us.
Today Paul and I are exhausted! Yesterday we moved my from my Aunt and Uncle's house, and in to my friend Sarah's aparment where I will live until Paul and I get married! So exciting!
This past weekend Paul and I went over to the Island for my wonderful friend Lisa's wedding. We stayed with our also wonderful friends, Megan and Tyler, and had a great time! Over the weekend we also created our first guest list for the wedding. At the moment we want 240 people there!!! Super crazy! We are pretty much trying to save all our money so we can have people. This is important to us.
Yesterday I tried on my sister's wedding dress. My sister is pretty much half my size; but her wedding dress is done up with corsets on the back, and therefore, can pretty much fit many sizes. It turns out it totally fits! I have a friend who will hem, and alter it slightly so that it looks perfect. So I will be wearing her dress, which I find super exciting. This means that if I don't have to buy an expensive dress we can have more people at our wedding. This is good news.
After today I will have more info on our location...I had to wait for the big move across town until I could take the time to get all the location details.
Alright, I have much work to do today...better get started!
Ring + Location woes - Wednesday Sept 2
Tuesday was such a long, but good, day!
Paul and I both worked all day, we met up for sushi around 5, and headed over to get my official engagement ring picked out! I totally picked a man's ring, hehe.

After that we headed out to Delta for Katie's going away party. There was a large showing of family...so I got to spend some more time with the family members I have only met once. It was great! We got many congratulations wishes. It was a great party for Katie. She is obviously very loved. We will miss her while she is away!
Now...to the negative. We found out today that we can't get married at the camp we wanted to in White Rock. Right now our guest list is at 240 people. The camp can only hold 130 people. They want to charge $30 a head; I know we can find something between $20 and $25.
So we don't know where we are getting married.
Here is what we want:
Location for our reception that holds around 225people. We want the food to be $20 a person; though we know we may have to pay more...this may be a pipe dream.
Ideally the Ceremony location would be near the reception location. We need a ceremony location that doesn't cost a lot to decorate and fits 225people.
Yup. That's what we want.
Lets see if we can find it!
I think we are done wedding planning for the week; I am headed on a Campus retreat and Paul is going hunting.
South Hall v Alpen Club - Saturday Sept 9
I lied. We weren't done wedding planning for the week.

We are stuck between two locations: Alpen Club or South Hall.

Alpen Hall is offering appies, hall rental and service for $1100 less than South Hall.

South Hall is offering hall rental, full dinner and service.

Alpen hall will need more decorating to cover up the intense lodge feel. South Hall is nicer without decorations. We want to keep our decorations to a certain price so that allows us to stick within it. Though if we save on cost of rental we can afford more on decorations.

Oh well....we will decide when Paul gets home.

Alpen Club:

South Hall:


This brings us up to date on the Wedding blog front.
I will have photos and an update about my place shortly though here is a blurry shot of my new bedroom that I share with Sarah:

And this is my new hair colour:

Writer's Block: Childish Pleasures Jul. 16th, 2009 @ 10:47 am
Name something you love but feel like you should have grown out of by now.

I love candy. I have favorite types of candy depending on the situation or place. If it is one of those little candy vending machines that cost a quarter then I love chews. If I am at the movies then I want sour patch kids (with popcorn and lemonade). If I am wanting a sour snack, then it's those sweet/sour ribbon belts. Lately I crave runts constantly. I also love penny candy from the store and am always drawn to the rows of candy in gas stations.
Other entries
» Writer's Block: All-Nighter
When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Funnily enough since starting to date Paul I have pulled a few almost all nighters after a few years of constant sleeping; with no all nighters. Last week we visited our friends Prakash and Kathleen and played Settlers until 4am. Paul and I talked, and prayed in the car (I was having a hard moment) until 5am. To be fair we didn't get to their house until 11pm, but still it was late. At Christmas we went to our friends, Cody and Anneli, house at 6pm and stayed until 3:30am, got stuck in the snow and finally left at 4:30am. Got home again at 5am. The main difference between these two times was at Christmas it was still dark at 5am. This last week I drove home in the light. I don't normally enjoy staying up late or all night. I have to say, this was quite nice.
Also about a month ago I went to bed at 9pm, and woke up at 2am. Couldn't sleep. At 3am finally got out of bed and watched movies on TV, read, painted a picture and went back to sleep at 6am. I quite enjoyed it.

Cool. feeling tired just talking about all that lack of sleep.
» Shorts, Timmies, Party
Ugh. I just wrote an entry and posted it and somehow it disapeared. SO frustrating. I give up.

I bought shorts. I bought decorations. I am throwing a party. it's hot. I love paul. We talk a lot. I love the pool. I have raised %50 for MPD.
I hardly have the energy to rewrite all 8 paragraphs of life info...and in years to come when I look back at this entry I will be so sad I couldn't delve into my life at this moment in time.
» (No Subject)
 I am at Paul's drinking Strongbow after making him lunch for his hunting trip tomorrow. I like this. 

Spent the day being a tourist with Paul and some friends from nashville. Great fun. 

This is brief. 

» Slave to sounds

 I get rather pensive when I am alone. I am in Port Alberni this weekend while my whole family is in Vancouver. I haven’t been alone, for an extended period of time, in this home for years.

 I find the older I get the more I want to surround myself with those I love; and yet the older I get the less likely that seems. I know that the next year will be wonderful because my sister and her family, my parents, me, and my boyfriend will all be in the same place. I also know that can’t/won’t last. I don’t know who will leave first. I also know I am not called to just enjoy life within a small bubble. There are so many people to love. So many people who do not know they are loved; people who can’t fathom what it would be like to be secure. Selfishly at times I want to retreat to stay where I am loved, but I know I can’t/won’t do that. I need to love those around me. On top of that, I truly enjoy being a part of people experiencing love and relationship, whatever that looks like.

   I miss my sister. I miss Paul. I am glad tomorrow is Sunday; I will be back in Vancouver and so will Team Burma. I am excited to go with Katie (Paul’s sister and my friend) to welcome Team Burma home (and obviously, Paul).

   I am listening to a singer I haven’t heard before. I saw him on someone’s Facebook, Derek Otto. He is wonderful! Rather moody and downbeat, which only makes me more mellow and broody. There are certain types of songs that just do that to me. There is definitely a time and place for them in life. Sometimes I need that external help to mellow.

   I literally can not stop touching my new hair. It feels freshly cut. I am probably making it super oily with all my touching but I can not stop!

   It feels like a rainy day. If this were a movie there would be rain, I would have take out food, and I would be sitting by a window eating said food, with wine in hand, staring out onto the street or at a lake. There would be mellow music. A cat would probably walk by, and I would absent mindedly pet it as it wandered by. It always seems rather romantic in the movies, less so in real life.

   In other news the next song on this playlist (by the same artist) just got upbeat. I all of a sudden am typing faster, my heart feels lighter and I can’t stop smiling. I am such a slave to musical types! I feel like dancing and being happy. I think I will listen to Brian Regan and drink tea before the song changes to slow again!

» Debriefing

So what’s been going on with Tara lately you ask? Well let me tell you:

I finished school for the semester. No more school for at least a year and a half. What good news! I got 2 –A’s which is also good. In the end my event planning course was more enjoyable; though TONS of work.

I wrapped up my first year of Campus Ministry and am officially in the Ministry of Partnership Development section of Ministry. I am in Port Alberni at the moment meeting with partners; sharing about the past year’s successes and failures and vision for the next year. I love these meetings; the people who are on my team amaze me with their generosity and love for God. It’s an honor to spend time with them.

Paul is in Burma for 2 weeks. I am in Port Alberni for 2 weeks. I planned my trip here for the time he is away to miss him less. It is generally working. We have been dating for 5 months (on the 22nd) and we had been apart for only 3 days in that time! These 2 weeks away I am sure are good for us; especially as we are both doing things that grow our faith – me with MPD and him because he is on a Missions Trip building an orphanage and doing prayer ministry. It is now the end of day 4 apart and it is starting to hit me; I miss checking in with him at the end of the day, I miss praying with him, I miss talking over my day with him, and I miss just being with him. However being in a healthy relationship means huge changes in how I miss someone. It is NOT a heart wrenching, all consuming type of missing. My security is in God, not in Paul. I enjoy dating Paul, I would like to marry him but I can live without him if I have to. He doesn’t define me. I am defined in Christ. This is a cool change from all past relationships.

Today I called 911. My dad picked me up from the movies and as we were driving we saw a car driving VERY erratically. It was clear that the driver was drunk. We followed him as I called 911. He drove in large circles around several blocks; through Port Alberni’s downtown (which thankfully, being Port Alberni, was empty) and over near the high school. It was very scary to see how frighteningly he was driving. I am sure Paul will be so sad to have missed this 911 adventure. He loves calling the Cops on people. He is funny that way. He will though be very proud of me for being a good citizen and calling it in.

I took Paul to the airport to leave for his trip. There were about 20 people there to see him and his 4 team members off. I have never been a part of an airport send off. It was great. We all spent time in the food court area. It was late though – we were there from 10:30 until almost 12. I got home and packed for two weeks. I finally went to sleep at 2am and had to be awake at 6:30am to leave for the 8:30am ferry. So tired. I was glad to be there with Paul though. To support him as he heads out and be there with friends and family to wish them well.

I had a great ferry ride over to the island though, despite the early hour and lack of sleep. The day was sunny and clear, the ferry quiet and fairly empty, and I experienced an amazing time with God. I am reading “The life you’ve always wanted” by John Ortberg which is about spiritual disciplines and having a healthy, personal, spiritual relationship with God. I was reminded that though I have so much to be thankful for, I am so often not joyful. Why worry and complain? Why does this make me feel better? Does it actually make me feel better or does it actually make it worse? I get caught up in business and the “importance” of my life and forget to spend time in quiet reflection with God. I can forget to listen. I “try” and “strive” and often forget that I won’t be the one to do things; God will. I feel as though there is a freedom though in realizing all this. I sat on the ferry, in the peace and quiet, staring out at the sea…there was a feeling of the world existing in a moment…and there I felt God. There were no restrictions on God’s love for me though I so often act as if there are. There was love. There was a God that wants to speak to my heart; not because He is mad at me or wants to see me be a different person but because He loves me and wants me to be fully the person He created for me to be. This person was created in HIS IMAGE. He knows what He created me for and merely wants to allow me to live within that freedom. There is a tension there at times; Pastor Greg always says that the things we do are 100% man and 100% God. Living within that tension involved faith; faith that God will come through; that His 100%, coupled with my 100% will enable amazing things to happen. I have seen Him do this so many times, and yet it shocks me that at times I forget or don’t believe He will. And yet He still loves me and has a plan for my life.

There will be some of you reading this that may scoff at God speaking to me. It will seem ridiculous, even delusion that I could experience God. Really, Tara? God? Speaking to you? As if he even exists.  And yet he did. He does. There is a still, small stirring in my heart that reminds me of His love for me. Unconditionally. Wow.

This week I got to have dinner with Crystal and John. I so enjoy those two. What a blessing it is that they have moved to Port Alberni and I get to see them whenever I am here. Now if only they would move to Vancouver once my parents move! Crystal has been my friend since we were 19. That’s almost 7 years! She has been my friend regardless of what life stage I am in; healthy or unhealthy, happy or not. She has always been there for me; even when my unhealthy or unhappiness was totally my own doing!

I also got to have lunch with an old friend, Jenny. Jenny became my friend, in grade 6 I believe. I loved the pink rocket candies. She doesn’t. She gave me her pink rockets and we have been friends ever since. Through the end of elementary, the awkwardness of Junior High, and the random High School years she has been a great friend. Though living far apart and often going years between visits she is still a friend. I so enjoyed having lunch with her today.

We are painting the house. My parents are selling their house in Port Alberni, and have bought a condo in Vancouver. They are moving to be closer to family (Jenna, the Mitchell’s and me). Connor is a huge draw for them. To sell the house here the realtor said they need to get rid of all the “dusty rose” pink and “light forest” green walls and replace them with neutral beige or off white. We are replacing all the 90’s tiling and counter tops. The house is slowly becoming uncluttered and modern. My dad is working his butt off and the place looks great. 

My computer crashed. It’s quite unfortunate. I think I may buy a new laptop. The toss up is between the Asus and the Acer. My price range is under $500. I want at least 80GB of space and at least 4 hours of battery life. Thoughts?

Today I went to Arrowsmith Church; I do love the people there. It was so nice to be among them.

I had coffee with Tami. I so so so enjoy her. I am so glad we have stayed friends because I value her friendship so much.

This is long. I just felt a huge need to get my thoughts written down.

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